The Section of Microbiology offers training opportunities for medical technologists who wish to have a hands-on rotation. Please contact the section for any details.



A. Microbial Staining & Microscopy: Acid Fast Bacilli Stain 
Gram stain
India Ink
Microsopic Identification: Trichomonas, Monilla (Candida albicans), Gonococci, Gardnerella vaginalis
KOH Mount
B. Culture & Sensitivity: Aerobic studies: Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), Stock Isolate/ Antibiotic testing
Acid Fast Bacilli/M. tuberculosis
Anaerobic studies
Fungal studies
C.Polymerase Chain Reaction (GeneXpert) Mycobacterium Tuberculosis/Rifampicin (MTB/Rif) - Sputum, Body Fluids & Aspirates, CSF, Tissues
Clostridium difficile (Stool Only)

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